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Road Map of Five Star Shop :-

  • Ecommerce Marketplace Planning Started from 30th December 2017.
  • Ecommerce Marketplace Name Finalised on 3rd June 2018.
  • Ecommerce Marketplace Affiliate Income Plan & Software Designing Finalised on 10th August 2018.
  • Software Devlopment Work Started from 1st September 2018.
  • User Registration started from 6th November 2018.
  • Seller Registration Started from 12th December 2018.
  • Official Launching on 30th December 2018.

Future Planning of Five Star Shop :-

  • Take Over Minimum 3% to 5% of Indian Ecommerce Market till 14th February 2019.
  • Take Over Minimum 10% To 15% of Indian Ecommerce Market till 30th April 2019.
  • Take Over Minimum 25% To 30% of Indian Ecommerce Market till 3rd June 2019.
  • Take Over Minimum 70% To 75% of Indian Ecommerce Market till 06th November 2019.
  • Complete Take Over of Indian Ecommerce Market till 30th December 2019.

Our Mission -:

To Make Every Indian Feel Proud on Five Star Shop by Keep Indian Ecommerce Market in the control of Indian Ecommerce Company and Use Huge amount of our Profits for Poor Girl's Education, Poor and Unsupported Women's Enpowerment and Fullfill Poor Familie's Food Related Issues.

About Founder / Director of Five Star Shop -:

Hi, I am Shankar Sudhakar Pingulkar, 36 Years, Married, Male from Mumbai, India. I had Worked around 15 years in various Companies of in Engineering Field till 2016. But from 2014 I have start to design my own Business Module by working Late Nights and Weekends after Duty hours. At the Same time I have Entered in MLM Field and Devlop my Own MLM Manpower Network Successfully. For it I had worked around 20 - 22 Hours a day.

In 2017 I have got Some Name & Fame from MLM & Crypto Currency Field. But I wasn't Quite Happy with that Success. My Dreams started to getting Bigger and Bigger Day by Day from 2017. I was Thinking about Somthing Big which will Change the lives of Millions of Peoples by Providing Employment. In Between I have Join Roti Bank and start to Serve Free food to Poor Peoples.

In 2018 I have Decided to Enter in Ecommerce Business. Because i am quite Sure that Online Marketplace is Next Generation Business. But I have not Enough Funds to start own Ecommerce Marketplace. So I deside to wait till i have enough funds.

Reason Behind Rising of Five Star Shop -:

Even i postponed An Idea of Own Ecommerce Marketplace because Lack of Funds, But My Study about Ecommerce Business was not stoped. I am continually trying to learn more about Ecommerce Business. I Inbetweeners I heard that One of the Largest Indian Ecommerce Marketplace was Sold out and Undertake by a Big Foreign Company. That was Real Shocking News for me. That News changed my Mindset and Forced me to Devlop Indian Ecommerce Marketplace Five Star Shop.

India is one of the Biggest & Rapidly Growing Market of Ecommerce and Two Big Foreign Companies are fighting to capture Indian Market. But there was not a Single Big Indian Ecommerce Company which was looking so strong to beat foreign Ecommerce Companies. I was Upset because of that situation. I have waited for few days because i hoped that any Indian Ecommerce Company will Come forward to Compitite with foreign Ecommerce Companies. But No one was come Forward to fight with them for Indian Ecommerce Market. I was totally Helpless because of Lack of Funds but Now that was Do or Die Sitution for me.

And Finally after Long Study and Disscussion with my Friends and Family i have Desided to Launch India Based International Ecommerce Marketplace - Five Star Shop.

Why Only Five Star Shop.?

If you are a NETWORKER, STUDENT, HOUSE WIFE OR Working or Non Working RETIRED Person then you have to join Five Star Shop Because Five Star Shop is India Based International Ecommerce Marketplace which offers Unlimited Affiliate Referral Income Lifetime. That will help Networkers to Earn Extraordinary Income without any Investment in free time.

If you are a ONLINE SELLER then Five Star Shop is a Best India Based International Ecommerce Marketplace for you to Sell your Products and earn more profit than Selling on other Ecommerce Marketplaces.

Benefits of Sellers

  1. Creat your Own Store FREE
  2. Share your Store Link
  3. FREE Product Listing
  4. Monthly Membership Charges = ZERO
  5. Monthly Subscription Fees = ZERO
  6. Final Settlement Fees = ZERO
  7. Marketplace Fees = ZERO
  8. 24×7 Customer Support for Sellers
  9. Sellers can Sell Products in Comparatively Low Rates than other Marketplaces and Earn High Profit.

If you are a ONLINE BUYER then you will get High Quality Products in Comparatively Lowest Cost.

Benifits for Buyers

  • Free Registration
  • Unlimited Affiliate Referral Income Lifetime
  • Comparatively Lowest Rates than other Ecommerce Marketplaces
  • Choose Product from Largest Collections & Varieties
  • 24×7 Customer Support for Buyers

If you are an INVESTOR then you can Invest in Five Star Shop Shares or Join Us as a Financial Partner and Earn Massive Income Lifetime.

  • For NETWORKERS, STUDENTS, HOUSE WIFES & WORKING or Non Working RETIRED PERSONS - Big Opportunity for Everybody to join Five Star Shop as Affiliate Pramoter and Earn Massive Income Lifetime without any Investment.
  • For Online SELLERS - Online Sellers can now Devlop their Own Brand Name and Earn Massive Income with Fame with Five Star Shop by Creating their Own Store on Five Star Shop and Share own Store Link to Pramote their Products with their Brand Name.
  • For INVESTORS - Investors can Invest in Five Star Shop Shares or Join Us as a Financial Partner and Earn Massive Income Lifetime. Investors can also Join Five Star Shop as Franchise and Earn Big Income by Online and Offline Selling and Pramotion of Products Listed on Five Star Shop.